About Us

3C Consulting is a sales & marketing solution company, based in Paris (France), specializing in tailored representation for hotels and DMCs.

Our objective for all our clients is to drive a good return on investment through sales & marketing and public relations solutions that will increase their visibility within the B2B and B2C segments.

With years of experience, we have the knowledge and right connections needed to grow your business, and we are committed to offering a high level of personalized service in increasing awareness of your products or services.

Why Us – 3C Consulting

A proven expertise in sales & marketing and our approach to representation services ensures that our clients top-perform their competition.

Key added-value is the powerful synergy between tourism and aviation: while acting on behalf of hospitality brands and DMCs, our clients also benefit from our extensive network among airlines and tourism boards worldwide.

3C Consulting also makes effective use of its global network and partners worldwide that would allow us to exceed your needs and grow presence in other target markets.