“I have found Clairemonde to be highly knowledgeable. Her commitment to the success of the operation was well known by all his peers and the owners of the property. She did never count his hours or Refrain to put some effort into the successful completion of any task. Our operation in Zanzibar has seen a tremendous increase in request from the French speaking countries. Self driven, my interaction with her was very simple, and healthy.”

Yves Montel (CEO),
The Residence Zanzibar

“We have been impressed by her sales skills and especially her great enthusiasm to promote this hotel all over France among travel agencies and tour operators. We strongly recommend her to hospitality and tourist accounts looking for a rep on the French market, and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

Guy Zekri (CEO),
Solea Vacances

“Clairemonde Coquet has shown results in all the establishments she worked. As the communications manager of The Royal Palm (Mauritius) her dedication helped to make it gain its famous reputation. 3C Consulting is bound to be successful. Specially with the exceptional contacts Clairemonde Coquet has built up over the years.”

Jean Pierre Chaumard (CEO),
Royal Mansour Marrakech

“I have known Clairemonde Coquet for many years. Her professional experience has allowed her to acquire the outstanding competencies and famous notoriety in the hotel industry especially in the Sales and Marketing fields. Her efficiency, her professionalism, her rigor, her enthusiasm and her availability are the words which describe her to the best and which drive her to success. Clairemonde is a charming and endearing person and I am sure that she will be at the height of any new responsibility.”

François Delahaye (COO),
Dorchester Collection